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About Us

Two of the most trusted household brands, Reynolds® and Hefty®, joined together as Reynolds Consumer Products in 2010. While the establishment of this new company made it official, the truth is that Reynolds® and Hefty® products have been found side-by-side in the kitchens of American families for more than three generations.

The creation of both the Reynolds® and Hefty® brands is the direct result of American ingenuity mixed with a bit of elbow grease. Reynolds Wrap® foil was invented after aluminum was no longer needed for military use; and became a new staple for American kitchens. Hefty® waste bags were first developed with excess material from an early plastics innovator, creating another household essential.


  • Reynolds Wrap® Foil is synonymous with Aluminum Foil, but the Reynolds® brand also includes Pan Lining Paper, Parchment
  • The Hefty® brand is most commonly identified with the brand's famous Waste Bags and slogan... Hefty! Hefty! Hefty! The H
  • Within Presto Products, dedicated divisions also manufacture and service Fresh-Lock® and Slide-Rite® package closures fo